16points-alex-jamesOff the board he is the ultimate kind human not to mention a dedicated friend and family member. On a board Alex Campbell is the ultimate embodiment of speed, style and power. A massive bright star glowing so brightly that he is on the radar of skaters worldwide. In the last week he has been on a Melbourne Butter Goods trip and has been seen eyeing cross-street routes, hitting untouched spots and powering through speedy double lines with Ben Gore. This latest round of 16 Points is a result of a catch up with him towards the end of his stay.

Photo: Curb cut to curb cut in Claremont – by James Whineray*. 

The street he grew up on was: Duke Street

The first place he ever skated was: Shepard Street.

Favourite spot in Freo is: Woolstores

Your local spot is: Munchies

Three things he looks for in a spot are: Something that makes noise, bumps, bins.

You have a new board. What first trick are you gong to try? A scoop backside 180.

Top three ollies on the planet: Keith Hufnagel, Reese Forbes, Nick Boserio.

Favourite thing about having a family is: love

An ideal day off includes: beer, beach, bbq

Best thing about working for yourself is: Don’t have to answer to anyone.

His latest travels have taken him to: Melbs

How long was the trip for? one week

Favourite skate photo is: Matt Field, switch wallride.

He has been listening to: trap

What is the funniest thing that has happened this week? Josh Roberts.

Today you are going to: Go back home.

*Peep a full Alex Campbell feature in James’ magazine Bilde Paper now available in the shop.