Aside from consistently being one of the nicer folks on a board, and most often the highlight of any session, Harry has also been featuring in the country’s mags and videos for over a decade now. His open-minded quest for progression has resulted in total familiarity on all terrain: first there is his flatground mastery, you have all seen him get tech on the blocks, manual like a champ, approach large sets with complete nonchalance, wallride like there is no gravity, tear bowls to bits and lately he has even been skating vert. Man who knows what he will learn in the next year on ye old half pipe? After multiple interviews, video parts and a recent thumbs up in the form of a pro board for The 4 Skate Co we are proud to present his 16 Points.

photo: tricky and scary front board in the COP – luke thompson (@thecurbside)

The first slam he remembers is: Landing Primo kickflipping a 7 stair in Year 8. Straight onto my forehead on super-rough gravel ground. Had a cricket ball with golf ball dimples growing out of my forehead. Mum made me wear a helmet after that one.

Four of his favourite Woolies locals (from any era) are: Justin Lloyd, Spoons, Raoul Willison and Mikey G.

Best trick he has ever seen at Woolies: There are two: Alex Campbell ollie over the flat gap out the front and Alex (again) when he 5050’d the window sill.

He likes spots that are: attractive, imperfect and fun

Last pool he skated: was a long time ago

A ledge trick he can do that he would like to have on tranny: switch frontside nosegrinds

His current set up is: a 8.25 4 board, wide Thunders, 53 mm Spitfire Formula 4s, modus titanium bearings, modus hardware, and modus grip.

Top three nollie flippers: Ben McLachlan, Quentin Guthrie and Ben Bowring.

His tips for the cats out there who can’t wallride: Don’t think, just commit.

Last time he got a fright was: Setting up a portable mini ramp the other day, heaviest part fell on my foot, had steel caps on though, luckily, otherwise it might have been all over.

His advice for staying a float in post mining boom Perth is: live within your means.

An ideal day off includes: Kimbo Slice, skateboarding, chicken, and beers.

Best thing about working at Fivefoot4 is: Talking shit in the office.

Trick he would gladly steal from his boss (Brett Margaritis): Madonna

The funniest thing that has happened this week is: skating with Eugene Stewart and Quentin Guthrie.

His pick for the trick fad of 2017 is: 540s on little transitions.