Ben has been on a serious shredding spree the past few years… I take that back he has been ripping for eons, but lately he has been skating a tonne, taking his fine skills to new terrain all over the metropolitan area. Unfortunately a couple of months ago he had the dreaded ACL incident. Even with a bung knee he didn’t let the morale get him down, he still joined in the weekend sessions smiling from the sidelines. He is about to get surgery and is keen to diligently do all the rehab needed to get back on the sled. During his downtime we were lucky to get a hold of this back tail pic from Glocks and got this 16 Points happening as a result. If you have ever viewed this raw spot / line in person you will know it is no slight feat.

Photo: Ben with one of his favourites, a back tail: traversing the gap while a fan looks on – ben mclachlan   

Town he is from is: CityOfPerth

Street he grew up on was: Giles Ave, Padbury (NS)

The first spot he ever skated was: Padbury Primary: had the best moveable benches out.

First city travelled to was: Melbourne

Current location: Duncraig (NS)

Plans for the day include: Do some shit around the house. Being a Friday ill be cracking a tinnie watching the Friday night footy

Favourite thing about Perth is: probably the beaches, the weather and the Northern suburbs.

Usual crew in Perth is: Flage, Dorris, Meataxe, DGK, Glocks, Harry

Best skater you have seen coming up lately is: There’s a few, I’d say Shaun Paul or Bill Bevan (Carine skatepark local) – he shreds.

Number of weeks since you tweaked your knee: hmmm in mid February I think

Three things you have done to prep for surgery: nothing, nothing and nothing.

Days till surgery: 28

Trick you most miss on your skateboard: kickflips and back tails.

Favourite three spots in Perth / Freo are: Glengarry Primary, Woolstores and Munchies

Favourite band / musician is: too many to list but love both rock and OG rap

Favourite Australian skater is: Morris brothers

See Ben and his crew on fire in the Flage x The 4 Skate Co clip below.