In 1999 Juice Clothing (Syd) was everywhere, their skate team was completely off its dial, the tees were seriously everywhere and they were very visable way beyond skateboarding. They were so big that bootleggers at Sydney markets had a decent chunk of Juice alongside their counterfeit Nike and Rip Curl. In 1999 the Juice team came out to WA and the crowd was clearly loving it. Here are some snippets from demos at God Park and Vertigo (an indoor park in O’Connor). As you can see it was the Jeff “Skunk” Williams show. Highly underrated and one of the gnarliest, pedidextrous ATV’s of all time. This section was from the SKAWA* video by Ben Gregory.

Skaters in order of appearance: Jeff Williams, Danny Norling, Aaron Jenkin, Shane Francis (RIP), Morgan Campbell and Michael Davidson.

Filmed by: Ben Gregory

*In the mid 90s there was an organisation that was founded to help spearhead a movement towards the installation of public facilities around WA. They were called SKAWA. We recently digitised the SKAWA video – an epic documentation of all the demos from 1995-2000ish. Look for more sections from the video coming to the site soon.