In 1999 Reese Forbes and Kenny Hughes came out to WA. They skated a demo at Cherokee Village ‘aka’ God Park and one down at Margaret River. This was smack bang in an era where their sponsor Element was dominating hard and was about to drop Element World Tour. Reese and Kenny ignored gravity like no one else. They easily had two of the biggest snaps in the game.  For those unfamiliar with God Park it was a park where you got free skates if you attended the Sunday service! Admittedly many of us were into the idea of conforming to their program, but at the time it was the only indoor park in the metropolitan area so we did skate it. It was an epicentre of progression and had obstacles inspired by the best international parks of the era (e.g. Radlands). Pros that attended demos at God Park included Tony Hawk, Lenny Kirk, Rob Dyrdek, Daewon Song and many more. This footage was taken from the SKAWA* video by Ben Gregory.

Skaters featured: Kenny Hughes, Reese Forbes, Morgan Campbell and Kim Reynolds

Filmed by: Ben Gregory

*In the mid 90s there was an organisation that was founded to help spearhead a movement towards the installation of public facilities around WA. They were called SKAWA. We recently digitised the SKAWA video – an epic documentation of all the demos from 1995-2000ish. Look for more sections from the video coming to the site soon.

The Wanneroo Road shed that was formerly full of ramps and known to the masses as God Park