In 1997 we helped bring Kareem Campbell, Daewon Song and Marcus McBride out West. There was a shop appearance at our Freo store followed by a demo at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal. This was the demo that stuck in our minds forever as not only did we see some serious skate gods in full effect (including the likes of Kareem ollieing and 180ing a 44 gallon drum on flat) but, Clinton Walton had an incident where he landed on his head after a kickflip primo on the roof of the car. Despite our worst fears Clint pulled through fine after being nursed and guided through 40-minute ambulance wait by Kareem. As far as we know there is not much footage around from this occasion but you can see in this footage from the SKAWA* video that there were literally hundreds of people gathered inside the building for this. Thankfully Clint’s slam isn’t in this montage.

*In the mid 90s there was an organisation that was founded to help spearhead a movement towards the installation of public facilities around WA. They were called SKAWA. They held amazing events like the Boans Warehouse Demo and helped instigate many facilities around the state. We recently digitised the SKAWA video – an epic documentation of all the demos from 1995-2000ish. Look for more sections from the video coming to the site soon!