What a rad ensemble of cats! Great mix of elders and young bucks – slaying tings. kicked off at Northbridge’s Russell Square with a ferocious bench session. What was a Post Office and the became a club is the next hit – always fun if a little two up two down action tickles your fancy. The fellas fang down James Street and skate the under skated Northbridge Piazza. After some casual demolition of the spot a cop gives them the flick. A cop whose identity is protected by a certain lens scratch. The crew caned it down the uber colourful Museum St wound up at Northbridge Tafe, which has been horrendously skate, stopped, but the crew finds the lines.

Skaters in order of appearance: Cameron Owens, Sean Parker, Ben Bowring, Matt Archer, Alex Yates, Rowan White and Callum McCauley.

Filmed by: Rowan White.