As you probably know the Freo store closed its doors for the last time this past Sunday. We thought this would be an appropriate time to upload the first momentum video: Merry Pranksters. This is its internet debut! This video was made the same year that the shop first opened – 1994. It features the backbone of the OG team and helped put Perth on the map in the 90’s. After the first few videos came out it was a lot easier for a WA skater to become factory sponsored and many opportunities rose as a result. It is actually impossible to gauge just how influential the shop, the team, the demos and the videos were during the mid 90’s – but it is safe to say that WA skating would be vastly different if Momentum hadn’t have happened. All the way from opening through till today, so many people have been given a leg up from the shop. We are grateful to say the least.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive article celebrating the Freo store but for now enjoy some quality shredding from 1994.

Massive thanks to everyone who has supported the Freo store in anyway: the team, the staff, the locals, the interstate and overseas visitors. And of course we couldn’t go any further without thanking Wendy and Grant.

Below you will see the invite to the premiere of Merry Pranksters. Yes in 1994 skateboarding was small enough to hold a premiere in a suburban lounge room.