ITEM IN REVIEW: Modus Titanium Bearings

PRICE: $70

SIZE: These bearings are titanium and that is faster / stronger than anything the Abec-rated bearing system.

HOW DID THEY RIDE? They are fast as hell and incredibly smooth. Put it this way, the Road Runner bird in the Looney Tunes cartoons would not stand a chance if the Coyote was on a board with Titanium’s.

HOW DID THEY LAST? Mine are still going strong. The quality must be mega high because even if you treat them like crap they last. I run Skateboarding WA clinics all over the place. Kids always borrow my board because it’s fast. Kids will be kids and due to that my board always ends up in random places, like flying out of the skatepark into a random sand pit, or like on a previous trip to Coolgardie where I look up to see kids using my board to gun it through 5cm high puddles of murky brown water in the corner of the park. Even after all that they are still good to go. I’m still skating those bearings now.

HOW DO THEY LOOK? It looks like a pack of bearings, just fresher. You gotta love the signature baby blue highlights on the packaging.


BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Pretty damn good value. The bearings are virtually indestructible and mega fast. You also get spacers with them and a sticker. Can’t beat that.

ANYTHING RANDOM HAPPEN THE FIRST TIME YOU USED THE PRODUCT? Flip tricks seemed easier than usual because my board rolled so fast and that makes the board feel lighter so everything just pops better.

DID YOU GET ANY COMPLIMENTS WHILE YOU ROCKED THEM? Not directly but generally when I run the Skateboarding WA clinics the kids argue over who gets to use my board because it’s the fastest. That’s an indirect compliment right?

WHERE DID YOU SKATE THEM? All over the place. Anywhere and everywhere: Woolies, Munchies, City, Mills Park, Kali, ghetto spot etc.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THEM NOW? Keep skating them. Let the good times ROLL!

OVERALL VIBE: Good times. Modus make the best bearings period. The Titaniums are my faves because they are fast as hell and last longer but depending on your budget all of the Modus range is legit.

OVERALL RATING: An easy 9/10. The only reason they don’t get a 10 is because they out last the life span of my wheels and I HATE taking bearings out of old wheels to to put into new wheels.



9Overall Score