Magazines are like time capsules. Every era has its own look and feel captured through tricks, techniques, clothes, equipment, spots, photo styles and graphic design. “Printed” is our method of showcasing an age via an issue of a magazine. Where better to begin than with the Transworld Interview Issue of September 1993 featuring several greats of the time.

These were the first two ads on the inside cover. Hawk innovates on the left. Note the video grab sequence: a true sign of the times. Check Sluggo on the right. Don’t know about that 180 nose grizzle. Looks like he might be about to land in the garden – timberrrrr.

How small is that truck in the Gullwing ad? Creager being Creager, and John Reeves being The Man. Pretty crazy: that kid in the gutter would be thirty by now.

Odd spread. Sal being awesome in a Bandwagon ad. Not quite sure what is going on in the CCS ad. Note the lack of urls / social media and the use of phone numbers. No Internet here folks.

Barry McGee’s killer illo introducing Scott Johnston to the Mad Circle. And there’s a good brand name for you: Tree Skateboards.

Poo Puree – pure class. Scope the Hawk clan! A miniscule Riley Hawk alongside a young Tony and Frank (RIP).

Before Element there was Underworld Element and it was dope – so was Curtis McCann. London’s initial street dominator. Haz-Mat is a great name for a board company.

After his brief, yet complete domination we hadn’t heard from Hensley for a while – he was in Chicago studying to be a paramedic. Seeing this article was gold.

Sturt + Hensley = timeless.

Carroll going in on the triple.

Duane Pitre takes a long one on his nose during some festivities in New Orleans.

This was Duane’s last interview in skate land before becoming a music god. Man look at that form on the 360 nollie kickflip. What a catch!

If you haven’t heard of Kien Lieu aka The Donger. It might be time to do some research. Begin here.

Damn… how’s that for a worthy prediction of domination: The two Tee Pees! Tas Pappas and Tom Penny. Both worldwide names just a few years later.

Thought this was a great spread to share: some graphics from the era. Love the choke on those Vans Natives. 

Nothing too amazing about this except for: that dirt board ad! Would love to see that promo video.