“Dreams of Children” was the unofficial first Transworld video. The filmers were essentially the staff photographers of the mag at the time. Back then filming video was merely an extra call of duty for a photographer. Skateboarding was just recovering from an era of insane technicality. The cost of shooting a sequence on film often outweighed what the photographer was going to get paid for it, even if it ran on a double page spread. For several years every sequence you would see in a mag was a sequence of still frames taken from video. As a result the photographers would be armed with a hi8 cam as well as their arsenal of flashes and lenses.

Kien Lieu aka The Donger never conformed to the extra flippy early nineties trend of worm burning pressure flips. His skating was always stripped back, powerful and simple and if there was any flipping going down it would normally be a kickflip or a 360 flip. But who wants to see people kicking their boards at the ground hopping for that third rotation when you can ollie like The Donger? The obvious Donger section to give the Recorded treatment would be his shared part in “A Soldier’s Story” – the Life video, but we chose this lesser-seen gem. He single-handedly gives downtown San Diego a proper belting; one it is no doubt still recovering from.

alley way tre | 1:13

The line containing this 360 flip is really what this part is all about. Two city blocks covered, a waist high wall ollie, a couple of shuvs, a properly floaty 180 over some massive chain down a drop and a casual monster of a tré followed by a giant A-frame sign ollie. Timeless indeed.

kinker ollie | 2:03

This line is over a minute long and goes for at least three blocks. It features: 180 off stairs over bollard, 1/2 cab, some great sidewalk surfing, an ollie over a mondo hydrant, a back 180, a half cab, ollie up kerb, ollie flat section of rail (shown above), back 180, security dodge, ollie over rail back into the flow of a the sidewalk traffic. The highlight for me is Kien’s lack of caring when a bike flies down a double set in front of him. Who was that kid? Does he skate now as a result of seeing Kien’s ollie in full effect.

to the roads | 4:31

It is this kind of athletic clout and heavy dosing of style that made Kien the legend he is. A tuck knee blaster over a hefty chunk of sidewalk. It is much better shown in the Kosick sequence below.

I guess that is one factor that tones down the gnarliness of this section: the filmer is usually about a block behind the action.

kf up drop | 4:53

How good is it how he reaches his peak height so effortlessly and pretty much catches it primo as he lands it. Not a flinch. Can only dream of what line he was doing this as a part of.

electrical box launch | 4:57

Eye height when rolling up to this one. What a king.