The third Momentum video: Theory of Balance* was shot over a relatively short amount of time on only four tapes. One of these tapes was damaged meaning that the video was only three quarters of the intended length. Brett definitely lost some 1997 gold, as did everyone. Despite the loss of “tape three” as it is known; Brett’s section is loaded with pure gems. Loads of ‘Street Brett’ in his prime alongside the casual transition mastery that he is known for.

south terrace line | 0:16

South Terrace was a Freo go to during the late 80’s and early 90’s. The underground stage was always a good bet on a hot summer’s day. Brett’s line utilises much more than just the stage. Those drinking fountains are not low. A 50/50 on them is super-dicey due to the protrusion of the bubblers. The stand out of the line is no doubt the 5-0 grind on the bike rack – balanced perfectly, easily avoiding the potential entanglement factor of the rungs. You also have got to love the wallride on the kid’s art as the ender.

city beach primary line | 0:29

During this time it was fun linking the little seven stair rail and the equally cute wheelchair ramp. The hardest part was getting through that ghastly section of slabs at the base of the rail. Once you made it through there it was all systems go. How good is the scooped, yet popped backside 180? Brett’s line is magnificent and even comes with a free rollerblader. A sign of the era.

south terrace second storey smith grind | 1:00

The top turnbuckle was rarely touched and it is obvious why. Well-dipped smith by Brett showing absolute calm in a hectic situation.

albany snake run frontside blaster | 1:09

Through his relentless innovation there – Brett Margaritis has done much more to immortalise the legendary status of the Albany Snake Run than most. His list of accomplishments on the vert wall need an article of their own. It is great to see some footage of him down at the hip. Despite head chop, this boned frontside grab is beyond textbook. Never a stink bug anywhere to be seen anywhere near this guy ever. Learn your grabs correctly.

god park lien air | 1:23

Who is this Phil Shao? Look at that incredible rendition of the lein air. This is not a vert ramp either – just head high quarter. That is some timeless form right there. Did you know that Lien is Neil backwards? After Neil Blender who invented it? Had you heard that before? Just checking.

balcatta 50/50 | 1:33

Well before the Chimas and the Figgys of this world put the Balcatta 16 on the map Brett found it and was among the first crew to conquer it. It doesn’t get much better than a well-locked, loud, high-speed double axel grinder. Ferocious.

50/50 from the credits | 1:40

This was in Armadale.  Soon after Brett did this we heard the bench was removed. Luckily he care of this quick-footed grind opportunity the only time we went out there.

*Theory of Balance was primarily filmed by Morgan Campbell and edited by Morgan and Matt Thomas