Graham Withey was one of the younger locals at The Edge in Fremantle; he would have been barely hitting double digits by the time the joint closed in 1991. Before long he was out on the streets with some elders. He was way ahead of his time with what kinds of arrangements he would visualise as spots. If there was a bank he would land into it. He could 5050 absolutely anything. If it was too high to ollie onto he would mute grab caveman 5050 it. Yes mutegrab! He was also the first person we ever saw hippy jump a wheel chair ramp. While every one was obsessed with their kickflip and heelflip related tricks Graham would be doing pressure flips. To say he had his own approach would be a gross understatement. On top of this amazing skating he was also busy being fundraising for the Skate Association of WA one of the most prolific street artists of the era. But that is a whole nutha story, possibly even a novel.

Theory of Balance was made in 1997. Graham had the opening part. No one was ready. I doubt they are even ready 20 years later. Enjoy.

Filmed by: Morgan Campbell


claremont trolley ollie | 0:05

This is just near our old Claremont store. You can almost see it in the background. It is also smack bang in the centre of where “Claremont Quarter” lies now. You will notice that he lands at the end of the ramp on this ollie. That’s some Westgate action right there. Serious distance. Lands staunch as too!


sgio building roll in | 0:20

At this point barely anyone had dropped in on this let alone take the roll in approach. This was just one of several heavy banks handled in this part. The nose manual into the Rokeby Road white bank also deserves a mention but it was a little dark for a screen grab.


mute grab caveman fifty fifty | 0:32

This is just unbelievable. Not only does he grind the whole thing to 180 and dodge the roof with his head on exit; he opts for a mute grab bung on. Certified wild man.




city beach primary hippy jump | 0:46

Hells Bells! There is a reason why no one really skated this one. The run up was minimal and the school bell was present. this didn’t phase grump though. He also hippy jump body varialled the small one. Graham Withey was at least 20 years ahead of the curve.