The world is in shock today with the loss of Phife Dawg – the supreme lyricist from A Tribe Called Quest. Phife aka Malik Taylor had struggled with health issues for quite some time, and he underwent a kidney transplant in 2008. Malik passed at the tender age of 45. It is tragic that we have lost such a talented soul at such a young age, but we are all grateful for his legacy.

As skateboarders it is almost impossible for us to remember a world without Tribe. So many rad video parts (and sessions) were experienced to the backing sounds of Tribe and the lyrics of Q-Tip and Malik! We have embedded some of our favourites.

Captain Smooth: Jeron Wilson skated to “Oh My God” in the VHS staple “Goldfish”

The heavily underrated dude with great name: Bear Hughes skated to “Steve Biko (Stir It Up)” in Element’s legendary “Fine Artists Vol. 1”

The Magenta guys helped redefined the Hills of SF in “Hill Street Blues” to the sounds of “Midnight” (go to 6mins 10secs)

Couple of bonus Phife Dawg tributes –
This traffic reporter busted out multiple Tribe lyrics in his traffic report.


Update: And over at RTRFM the one and only Rok Riley dedicated a whole episode of Full Frequency to Phife. Definitely worth a listen.


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