ITEM IN REVIEW: TWS ‘Riddles in Mathematics’
SIZE: 24 mins
FEATURES: Bobby DeKeyzer, Yaje Popson, Leo Valls, Bobby Worrest, and Ben Gore.
FILMED BY: Chris Thiessen.
HOW DID IT RIDE: fluidly
HOW DID IT LAST: timeless skateboarding lasts forever
BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: You also get TWS Worldview included! Pretty banging.
to go skate after Leo Valls section.
WHERE DID YOU WATCH IT?  At the coffee shop.

OVERALL VIBE: You may remember the Transworld videos of yesteryear as containing nothing but the upper echelon of tech skateboarding and only the heftiest stunts. These days this style of skating is still focused on by sites like The Berrics, Thrasher and many of the mainstream shoe and clothing companies; but Transworld seems to be going in another direction. They have aligned themselves with a more creative vein of shredding; one that is more about fluidly reacting to a new style of spot, rather than upping the stair count or the number of flips in or out of a trick. Their lastest video ‘Riddles in Mathematics’ premiered in the shop last week and is now available in our online store. Post-premiere and we were able to re-watch it and we were once again impressed.

Straight out of the gates was the one and only Ben Gore. Ben has been filming for this Transworld video off the back of a part with Zach Chamberlin and whilst also working on a section for State Footwear. Who knows how he balanced all his duties so well to come through with another brilliant part? He skates to Brooklyn band ‘Woods’ and their song: ‘Out of the Eye’. His speedy part seems to be primarily filmed in the streets of San Fran but other US cities are featured as is the odd French sojourn. His straight, flattened out, perfect, power flips are seemingly unaffected by the steepness and roughness of his chosen terrain. Highlights of his part were those aforementioned flips, his skinny red brick wall Gonz moment, his newly found lines at that blue Parisian Loch Ness Monster spot and 50/50’s into all kind of wallies and launches. Keep it coming Ben you finely tuned beast!

ben gore | backside nosegrind | photo: chami

Who doesn’t like Bobby Worrest? Sure his head to toe Nike-ness may have taken away a tiny bit of his flavour, but he still instigates the stoke in any viewer. He skates to an epic Sonny Thompson track. His ledge game is super-sharp and on point as per usual. Bobby has been steadily thumping out the footage for the past few years, and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch. His line-filled part features a tré over a TV, a jump ramp-esque exit to a very high nose slide and a back tail on a proper beast hubba. We were also pleased to notice that Bobby’s trucks seemed to be a bit looser than in pervious parts. Good to see him wobble out, yet keep control of those picture perfect switch trés.

Stevie Perez skates amongst the palm trees and crust of greater LA. He begins his part to the pan flutes of the Natural Yogurt Band and he soon grabs your attention by boardsliding a nipple height yellow beast of a rail. LA spots must be getting so rinsed these days that people have had to take to skating people’s houses. Flaco wasn’t the only one to take to private terrains. It was a theme we noticed through the video. Whether you are down to skate someone’s house or not; you have to give it up to Stevie for some of the spots he unlocks. Loved his bump-to-bump pop shuv. Loved it. Towards the end of his part there are traces of other skaters (Ben Gore, Alex Schmidt, etc.) and his finale is actually a cheeky line by Jake Johnson.

leo valls | nollie into the roughness | photo: chami

Leo Valls is up next with a double song part. When it comes to his take on the magical rolling board he is a true avant-garde experimentation machine. It must be pretty fun get a to a spot and be Leo Valls. Say there is a bunch of flat, a ledge and a kerb to drop off. Leo would perhaps perform a flawless nollie flip, maybe throw in a 540 slide, a switch back tail and a cess cab back lip off the kerb. Some of Leo’s lines are so far beyond what people are into at the moment that it is hard to describe them in words. One line for instance is only what we could describe as a ghost wallride to bung on nose slide! He doesn’t mind doing the same trick twice in succession either. There is a line with two nollie flips in a row and another with two bonelesses (also back to back). One trick we had to rewind a few times before we got the gist of it was a fakie beanplant into a driveway! Or was it a nollie one? We are still confused. Leo proves yet again that there are no rules and if there are any at all then they are indeed meant to be broken.

Toronto’s Bobby De Keyzer has had a big year. A big injury-filled year actually. But despite being hurt here and there he came through with another belter of a section. He has a vertically stretched, straight-legged, straight-backed style and has feet so quick they would make the likes of Suciu envious. He is able to nail lesser-seen ledge gold like the back tail kickflip out to forwards (into a hill!) and fakie flip back tails. He has unbelievable manual skills and doesn’t mind the odd completely backwards landing. Won’t do any spoiling on his ender, but we can tell you that it is a rare one to take to a wheelchair ramp.

yaje popson | switch crooks | photo: chami

The certified avocado-lover Yaje Popson continues his tear. His pant colours are just about as outlandish as his skills. So many things going for this guy. Firstly his name is Popson. He can skate in both stances. He also has a fantastic fakie game. He has a brilliant eye. He has the perfect back three technique. He can even make a man bun look good! He can casually throw a rail trick into a crusty line. He can even hold a frontside 180 fakie 5-0 longer than you can fifty. He can even change his direction mid trick – just when you think you just about know what he is doing. His recent pro model for the revived Workshop is definitely well earned.

This was a fresh breath of tear for Transworld. And coming in shorter than most of their videos – at just over 24 minutes it is the perfect watch pre skate. Great to see them return to the VX format, hopefully this is just one of many in this vein.

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  • flips

    great review! this video is so fun to watch and makes me want to skate every time I watch it! Although me and some of my friends had the impression that Bobby Dekeyzer’s part would fit perfectly on the last one. Yaje’s one is awesome, but we had this idea when we watched. Anyways, video is sick and this review is cool too! keep on!