Rowan White is one of the most talented locals to come out of WA for a while. He clearly has a gift with the board, and at the age of 20 he has a very good perspective on most matters. He is politically aware, creative and is what we like to call a TPU. That is a Totally Portable Unit. You can take a TPU anywhere. You could take them to your grandparent’s house, you could take them on tour, you could even crash an aristocrat’s party with them and they would make friends every which way he moved through the space. Whilst in Melbourne he has made a big impact on those who have seen him skate, including ATV Nick Maughan who shot this crazed nose wheelie during Rowan’s Phoning In shot earlier this month in Melbourne. – MC

Photo: nose wheelie on the steepness by nick maughan (@nickmaughan)  

Town he is from is: Fremantle

Street he grew up on was: South Street

The first spot he ever skated was: Corner of Francisco and Silver Street in South Freo

First city travelled to was: Bristol

Current location: Fremantle, WA (currently living) Clovelly, NSW (currently staying)

Plans for the day include: Ferry into the harbour and explore the city

Favourite thing about Sydney is: friendly locals

Current location in Sydney is: Bondi

You have also been spending a bit of time in Melbourne lately. Favourite thing about Melbourne is: the pub specials

Best skater you have seen in your travels is: Quayde Baker

An up and comer to look out for is: Shaun Paul

Secret to a good front crook is: Woolstores

Top three front crookers of all time are: Nick Boserio, Daniel Morris, Sean Parker

Last time he got a fright was: Bombing a hill last night, speed wobbles to the point that I accepted I was going to die and my camera was toast. Somehow got away with it.

He has a new board. The first trick he tries is: switch ollie

Favourite artist is: value


  • Yep

    Can confirm. Met Rowan a few times at momentum skate shop, dude could reverse global warming he’s so chill!