Shaun Paul is on the come up. He honed his skills in Bunbury and whilst doing made regular trips up to the state’s capital. But, unlike most people he bypassed the “move to Perth to skate more” and he jumped the Nullabor and moved to Melbourne. Since he has arrived he has shone at every session with his smiley disposition, giant bag of trickery and superb consistency. He even caught the eye of Alex Lawton who promptly ushered him onto DC Shoes. Just before he made the move another Alex (Waldmeyer) shot this backside nosegrind 180 at the Melbourne Art Centre. Just look at that poise.

Photo: backside nosegrind 180 Рalex waldmeyer (@yeahxbrother)  

Town he is from is: Bunbury

Street he grew up on was: Blaxland Road

The first spot he ever skated was: This primary school ledge down the road

First city travelled to was: Perth

Current location: Melbourne

Plans for the day include: Flip some burgers at work in the morning, go for a skate in the afternoon or vice versa

Favourite thing about Melbourne is: The scene

Current location in Melbourne is: North Melbourne

Usual crew in Melbourne is: Bruns, Quayde, Tully, Hootie, Bol

Best skater you have seen since you got here is: Tom Snape

An up and comer from WA to look out for is: Jordan Cotte

Secret to a good back three is: scoop

Top three spots in Perth are: Woolies, Graylands double set, Forest Chase

Top three spots in Melbourne are: Black 11, Bruns’s Plaza, Tram Barriers

Last time he got a fright was: chalkie right before a ledge

He has a new board. The first trick he tries is: shuv