margo dive-bombing and the plan of city beach pre-pyramid

Imagine there were no smartphones. No selfies. No scooters. No Internet. No mp3’s. No skateparks! In the early nineties this was our reality. Sure it wasn’t as easy to find out information on any given subject, but we skated about studying the world around us and not staring aimlessly into our miniature screens. Don’t worry this isn’t one of those “Oh things were so much better in our day” articles. We know that these days are the good old days too. This is merely a nod to a few people who made a huge difference to WA skateboarding in an era when we were pretty much completely void of legal spots and transitions.

The skatepark had quite a few stages, all of which were thanks to Grant and Wendy Eastland and Brett Margaritis. The first location was out on Mews Road just past Cicerello’s in Fremantle. Brett and Grant were starved of vert and thanks to Wendy having starting the first stages of Momentum in Claremont they were given the opportunity of building a vert ramp. Not ones for half-stepping they jumped at the chance. Within weeks there was a pristine ramp sitting beside the windy Indian Ocean. It was coupled with a sketchy bank and a great quarterpipe. I personally was afraid of vert (still am) but used to travel into Freo and skate the haggard surfaced road out to that windy location just for the quarter.

karma kickflips WA’s first pyramid!

Before long and the wind got the better of the guys and they were given the chance to move the half pipe to a more sheltered¬†carpark in City Beach. Before long and they had built a whole bunch of smaller obstacles to form what was strangely known as a “street course”. There was a ledge, a quarter pipe / BMX jump doovalacky, a curb cut inspired fun box a small mini and the first pyramid in WA. The sessions were on every Friday night and the weekend days. The “street course” was unpacked, set up and then packed up every time we wanted to skate it!

sparks with a “fluffy” kickflip!

After nearly a year in City Beach the crew found a warehouse to rent in Osborne Park, which came home for all the assorted obstacles. These couple of summers before we were given public facilities were amazing; such a tight knit crew coming together regularly to try and learn the latest moves we had seen in video grab sequences in the latest issue of Big Brother mag.

All the pages shown here are scans from Ben Moleta’s highly influential short-lived zine: Schlumburger. All City Beach photos are by Simeon Trewenack.

tait nelson with a cover and a poster of the same issue of schlumburger

ben luker floater

“guard your potatoes”


brett breaking ground with a kickflip indy and yep that’s cardiel on the small pic!

here is a better look at the pyramid and some rad bgps

morgan front heel revert | grantley kickflip the “curb cut”

brett kickflip front pivot? and an add for the next era: osborne park.